one super duper crazy week!

Thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes! It was a fun one and the cake was delish! But WOW! What a crazy week it’s been!! I spent all day on Monday and Wednesday trying to get one of my freelancing clients ready for their open house. A ton of signs, flyer’s and event programs had to be designed. And, on Tuesday, Thursday, all day/night Friday and Saturday I spent trying to wrap up a 94 page book, for the other place I work, a get it printing. Completely crazy how everything ended up during the same week, but oh well! But, because it was so crazy, my etsy shop is suffering! Sorry it is so empty!! I will be adding a couple of things today, tomorrow and a HUGE update should coming on Tuesday, since I’ll have a couple of days off during the week to make up for the overage I worked. Also, I need to update my 365 photos! They are really behind 🙁 Anyways, just wanted to fill everyone in on why all of the sudden I disappeared. Hope everyone had a great week!


  1. shelly b says

    busy time!! happy belated birthday!

  2. Tina says

    oh the 365 thing….I tried to start that last week but haven’t kept up. kudos to you! I’ll go check out.

  3. Melonie says

    Glad you are back with us! Hope this week is a little calmer for you.

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