ooo la la… so many updates!

First I have to start off with these awesome layouts done by the fabulous MaraMay! She has a great style and I loved the way she incorporated a little of “Elle’s Studio” products into her layouts! Check out her blog and let her know “she rocks!”

If you have some layouts that use Elle’s Studio products, I’d love to see them too! In the future, hopefully sometime soon, I’m planning on doing a “gallery.” I’m currently trying to figure out what the best way to go about this would be, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

And… I got some scrapin‘ time in this weekend! My sister and her husband found this cute kitten and gave it a great home! She is sooo tiny! They named her Precious, sooooo sweet!

Check out my NEW calendar tags I Incorporated into the layout! These are new in my etsy shop and are a great way to mark a special day (in the layout above I marked the day they found the kitten) or you can even add them to a card to mark someones birthday, anniversary, etc. Super fun! They come in black and white….

And… COLOR!! I’m in love with these color ones, so bright and fun! I’m totally diggin‘ bright colors right now!

And last, but not least! I just (well.. last week sometime) signed up over at SIS! There is SO much talent over there that I was a little embarrassed to post my layout! I just love it over there and wish I could spend all day/night surfin‘ around. So, if you’re over there, say “Hi” or add me to your favs so I can add you back! Can’t wait!! EDIT: I should mention my member log in name over there is “elle”!


  1. dani says

    mara-may does rock! and your layout is awesome too! and I have to get some of those calender tags!!! Soooo that was you over at SIS, I thought that layout looked familiar!

  2. Ok, I am off to buy something from your shop. I love your work and how fun is this blog?!?!?!?! I found you on Etsy and will totally be back. Off to order something wonderful!


  3. Roni says

    i’m so glad i snatched up those calendar tags! now i need to get on making some lo’s with them! hope to have some to share with you soon!

  4. shelly b says

    Ok…I really need to buy stuff from you! And yes Mara May does rock!! She’s awesome and she used your awesome products in a kick butt way!

  5. killerxkim says

    the scrappages you’ve got up here are great!

  6. Vee says

    mara is so awesome and sweet!!
    love your new tags 🙂

  7. linda loe says

    Love this LO`s they are great.
    Love the bright colours you have used.

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