Happy Memorial Day! … and a pesky eye twitch

Happy Memorial Day everyone! How are you spending your “vacation?” I’m spending most of my Sunday making these little paper flowers, which I absolutely love! It’s so relaxing to just sit at the table and craft all day. I’m enjoying this memorial holiday just being lazy and staying home relaxing. It was a long month of crazy deadlines, but when under extreme pressure I always seem to work more efficiently. Although I have developed that pesky eye twitch, which has been happening a lot lately. Except this time it is not in the eyebrow… it seems to be lower, almost in the back of my eyeball. I think the twitch is how my body deals with stress because I don’t really seem to stress out under pressure and I am a procrastinator. And the twitch always makes itself present when I have a lot to do, which gets awfully annoying!

The photo above is of my messy work space today and my vice! Three venti drips from Starbucks will do me for the day … okay, okay … four venti drips!

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